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Claudia Taboada is a multiple marathon finisher having completed 23 marathons to date, including the six biggest marathons in the world (Boston, Chicago, NYC, London, Tokyo and Berlin). Claudia is indeed one of the few women in Canada (and the world) to have completed the Abbott World Marathon Majors challenge. She is also a cyclist and recreational triathlete who participated at the 70.3 Ironman Mont-Tremblant race in 2019.  

Claudia started her fitness journey from scratch as she was getting her life back after having experienced burnout, as described in her memoir “Burnout to Unstoppable”.  When she started, she could not jog for more than two minutes but she persevered. Fitness was and continues to be Claudia’s number one tool to develop resilience and to stay physically and mentally strong to navigate the ups and downs of being an autism mom to her severely autistc son Nico.  

Apart from being an author, Claudia is an award winning international speaker, a burnout prevention and self-care coach and a stress resilience expert. She is also a former attorney, an entrepreneur and the founder of the "Unstoppable You Wellness Academy'' (a digital platform offering individual and group coaching, courses and digital products) with the mission to empower those who are suffering from burnout reclaim their health, rediscover their spark and thrive.  

Claudia’s drive behind founding the TABÔ active brand and starting the “Badass is a Mindset” movement stems from her desire to share with the world the total wellness benefits of being active and moving our bodies daily. Fitness transformed Claudia’s life and it is now her mission to inspire and empower others to use fitness as their super power to reach their full potential.  She believes 100% that comfortable and stylish activewear is a huge source of motivation to move.


Claudia Taboada

Author | Speaker | Burnout prevention, stress  resilience and wellness expert | Founder of the Unstoppable You Wellness Academy |


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